Work Guidelines Board Of Commissioners And Directors

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for carrying out the function of supervising the management of the Company by the Board of Directors so that the implementation of the implementation of good corporate governance. In performing its duties, the Board of Commissioners to communicate regularly with the Board of Directors and committees under its supervision either through meetings through reporting. Council also provide recommendations, advice and guidance to the Board of Directors on matters relating to the management.

Work Guidelines Directors
The Board of Directors has the main tasks include lead, manage and control the Company in accordance with the objectives of the Company and berusahaa constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company. Then, too controlling, maintaining and taking care of the Company's assets.
The responsibilities of each member of the Board of Directors determined based on positions of responsibility, among others:

President Director
Ensuring continuity of success and growth of the Company entities.
Overseeing the Company in the most effective, efficient and adaptable.

Director of Marketing
Leading, managing and directing; marketing initiatives and strategic and tactical sales in order to ensure the growth of profitable revenue.Creating and maintaining ways to measure marketing and sales programs are effective and the performance itself.

Director of Finance
Ensuring that the Company's financial and handled in the correct state in a way that is responsible.
Monitor the overall financial health of the Company uses industry standard matrix.
The company adds value by providing financial perspectives that are reliable and consistent.

Manufacturing Director
??????Ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and the ability to adjust the plant / operations of the Company.
Ensure conformity of products and services to customer needs.
Maintaining high standards of the manufacturing operations, production quality, reliability and security.

Director of Human Resources and General Affairs
Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and competent workforce.
Ensure that the practices of Human Resources The Company is safe, efficient and support the Company's growth.