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Non-Armoured 0.1/1 KV



1. Conductor   : Plain annealed copper wire as per IEC 60228 class 2

2. Fire Barrier : Mica tape

3. Insulation    : Cross Linked Polyethylene ( XLPE )

                             Thicness is according to IEC 80502-1

4.Colour Code : 1 core : Black

                              2 core : Blue, Black

                              3 core : Blue, Black, Yellow

                              4 core : Blue, Black, Yellow, Red

                              5 core : Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Green

                              Above 5 core: Black with number on insulation

                              Other colours are available on request

5. Outer Sheath : Flame retardant low smoke zero halogen Thermoplastic Compound ( FR-LS-OH )

6. Cable Marking : 1. Manufacturer name ( JEMBO CABLE )

                                   2. Type of cable

                                        - Single core : SCS - FR

                                        - Multi core    : MC - FR

                                    3. Rated voltage ( 0.6/ 1 kV )

                                    4. Manufacturing year

Symbol : Fire Resistance Cables Non-Armoured

Applicable Standard :

Other Specification are available on request

Application : Fire Resistance Cables are requested for buildings especially hight safety requirements, such as: Emergency power supply station,Power stations and industrial plants,mines,under railway stations.Shipbuilding and offshore locations,data processing sites,alarm system,ventilation systems,escalators,lifts,emergency lighting systems, etc.
The cable has feature not emit any toxic or corrosive gases in the event of fire due to produces low smoke and halogen free and prevents the spread of fire.To ensure the performance of fire resistant cables, a test is performed according to IEC 60331 ( Formerly IEC 331), BS 6387, SS 299 or equivalent standard.
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