Business Activities

PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk. manufactures various types of wire and cable market whose quality is recognized both locally and internationally. As for the various types of cables produced, among others:

1. Low voltage electrical cables with copper conductors and aluminum
2. medium voltage electrical cables with copper conductors and aluminum
3. Cable airborne transmission / distribution
4. Telecommunication cables with copper conductors and optical fiber
5. Cable Instrument
6. Cable control
7. Electrical wires with a layer Corrugated Metal
8. Cable Shipboard marine needs, Offshore and others.
9. The fire-resistant cables and wires with the ability to resist the propagation of fire (flame retardant)

Products produced referring to national and international standards, such as; Indonesian National Standard (SNI), a standard State Electricity Company (SPLN), Standard Telkom (STEL-K-QA), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), Deutsche Industrial Norm (DIN) International Electroctechical Commission (IEC), American Society for Testing and materials (ASTM), British Standards (BS) Australian Standard (AS) and others.